Islam Unveiled

Clearing up the propaganda and providing you with the truth.
Before you continue on this site, I want to make something very clear. I did not put this website up to convert you. In islam, our beliefs are not forced on any person.

"Had your Lord so willed ˹O Prophet˺, all ˹people˺ on earth would have certainly believed, every single one of them! Would you then force people to become believers? - Quran 10:99"

This website was created to share the genuine message of Islam, in a time when false information is prevalent. Some muslims are put in a place of feeling like they must answer to all accusations committed in the name of "Islam". In the past I've felt the same way and by the Will of Allah, those feelings have guided me in to bringing you this website. My intentions are to bring light to the truth with beneficial resources, inshallah

The biggest free source available online is the Quran itself, visit

Come with an open heart and a genuine search for knowledge.

Any mistakes made here are of my own accord and will be updated should the mistake be made known to me.

Quran 28:56

"You surely cannot guide whoever you like ˹O Prophet˺, but it is Allah Who guides whoever He wills, and He knows best who are ˹fit to be˺ guided."