Bismillah ir-rahman ir-raheem
(In the name of God the most compassionate most merciful), 

5 times a day we devote ourselves in fullness to our creator. That means no matter what is going on in life, what thoughts are rummaging through our heads. We are told to put it on pause (unless it's something serious like war or death, then we wait till we are safe or things are okay).
Then, we purify our intentions and bodies with water or dirt if water is unavailable.

We lay a mat to have a clean surface to pray on.

Muslims connect as one unity together facing the direction of the Kabba, speaking in the arabic language of which the final revelation was revealed (this is also beneficial for preserving the Quran and easy memorization).

We stand, we bow, we prostrate, in unity.

We worship the almighty because there is no other. It was Him who blessed us with this life and He who will lead us in to the afterlife.

This is our ritual prayer.

But we don't have to wait until prayer time to speak to God.

We bring God in to our daily lives in many different ways.

Dua is a method in which we cup our hands together and talk to God. Pray for others and ask for mercy.

We use dhikr beads in remembrance of our creator by thinking of Him and His many beautiful and powerful names. The 99 names of Allah.

At any time of day we can bow and prostate and connect with our creator, outside of our 5 obligatory prayers.

We don't live this life to please people. We live it to please and worship our creator in the best ways.

So, all he ask of us outside of good charachter is that we take the time to completely devote our entire self to Him 5 times a day, being mindful of only Him. It's a form of meditation that creates an unbreakable bond with our creator and helps prevent us from doing wrongful things.

Alhumdulilah (praise be to God)