Bismillah ir-rahman ir-raheem
(In the name of God the most compassionate most merciful), 

Below is a list of words you may hear muslims say as well as the context in which they are generally referenced.

Allahu Akbar- God is Great This is a phrase used very frequently in all aspects, when good things happen we are greatful to our creator. We may even say this when something bad afflicts us because we know God is greater and we can overcome the situation with Him.

Subhanallah- Glory be to God As with all phrases there's many ways to use this. When we are astonished, amazed, surpised, this is a phrase most commonly used.

Mash-allah- God is ordained it When giving compliments this is something commonly said afterwords.

Alhumdulillah- Praise be to God "How's your day?" Alhumdullilah Whether our day is good or bad we can always just say this one word. If something positive or negative occurs, we use this.

Bismillah- In the name of God We say this before we do something. We should always strive to invoke God in all our daily actions, so to speak the action is blessed.

Inshallah- God willing This must always be said when making a later event, even if it's 5 minutes. Anything can happen in those 5 minutes, so we should invoke God because He is the ultimate decider.

Muslims strive to worship God in our every day lives in every way, so these words above are only a few of what is used to invoke Him and can be used an abundance of ways in all of our actions.